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Quick and Easy steps for learning to wear High Heel and High Stiletto shoes.


      High heel shoes are normally classed as any heel height over 3" or 4" (inches), although this is a matter of opinion and can vary depending on foot size. Some heels can be as high as 6" or even 7" without a platform, whilst the 4 or 5" heel remains the most popular of the highest worn outside of the home.

Quick and Easy steps for learning to wear High Heel and High Stiletto shoes.

You may wonder how women can walk in such high heels, or if you are experienced at wearing 2 or 3 inch heel shoes, you may wonder how it is possible to achieve that extra inch or two. But through correct practice, experience and dedication it is possible.

If  you are experienced at wearing 3-4" heels shoes, you may realise that you have developed a natural skill for balancing, walking and carrying out daily tasks. Heel shoes change the angle of the foot and the weight that is placed on the heel will become more focused. Experience and skill is essential when walking in higher heels because the angle of the foot will become further steeper and the focus of the weight further focused on the heel and front of the foot. 

There are many methods and ways for learning how to walk in high heel shoes and we have detailed some of the easiest and most common suggestions. Wearing of high heels may require what is often called as 'foot training'. Foot training will make the wearing of heels far easier for greater lengths of time. The full extent of foot training is not covered by these quick and easy steps and further information can be found at end of this section.



Wear your heels in a sitting position and around the home first. After a period of time they will become comfortable and you will probably forget you are even wearing them.

If you are planning to wear heels outdoors or at a club on the weekend, wear them around the house for a few hours first until they feel natural.


Try standing in front of a mirror and walking in a straight line placing one foot in front of the other. Walk away from the mirror and check the motion of your legs and body as you walk towards the mirror. 

Keep your feet pointing forward and legs straight.  Do not slouch or and make sure you have a straight back whilst you walk.  Pick up items at different heights including the floor level keeping your knees together.


Try wearing high heel shoes outdoors in the garden or even to the local shops. Wearing these on both soft and hard surfaces will give you a greater understanding of how the shoe will react and respond.

Tip: Do not place weight on the heel of the shoe when walking on grass, sand or other soft surfaces or the heel may sink into the ground and you could fall over. The heel of the shoe may also become scuffed or marked.


When wearing medium height heel shoes try to walk placing the heel on the floor first with less pressure, placing more of your weight on the front of your foot, you will be walking more light footed almost as if you have a 'spring in your step'.

By placing less pressure on the heel you will elevate the foot slightly and increase the strength of your ankle, achieve better weight distribution and balance. By doing this over a period of time you will easily be able to wear higher heel shoes.


If you wish to try walking in a pair of high heels and cannot afford a pair, try to borrow some from a friend. Ensure that they are the correct size, incorrectly sized heels will cause discomfort and lead to misleading effects when walking.


Choose wide high heel and wide toe shoes that feel comfortable and easy to walk in. Pick a style and heel that fits your requirements and taste, and not  necessary the current fashion trend as the fashion is  always changing, although the heel height may not.

Consider ankle and knee high boots as they will provide slightly better stability and control.  As soon as you have mastered walking in a wider heel you should easily be able to swap them for a sexy pair of thinner heels.


Tip: Many good makes of heels have foam or gel innersoles. This will help cushion each step and make wearing more comfortable over longer times.

Some types (i.e. Marks & Spencer) are made from a stretch outer material with a foam and lycra® sock lining making them feel like trainers.


Sitting with your feet on tiptoes with your heel highly raised from the ground will train your foot and ankle to be more accustomed to the right angle for wearing high heels, this will also make the high heel shoe feel more comfortable.

Try standing and walking around the house on tiptoes, this will help to develop a stronger ankle and better balance.  You can extend the time that you do this each day until you can perform normal household activities for longer times without placing your heel on the floor. 

This exercise will help you to transfer the focus of weight away from the heel of your foot making it easier to wear higher heels.



Try walking up and down stairs and laying out items on the floor and stepping over them, if possible hold a handrail for balance. You can also try standing on one foot whilst watching television or performing another task. This will help you to learn further balance and prepare you more for walking outdoors.


It is not advisable to remove your heels and walk bare foot whilst you are out, there is a risk you may step on something sharp or someone may stand on your toe with their heel, especially in a busy nightclub. If your feet become tired try sitting down for a while and removing your heels.


Finally, practice makes perfect. You may have to wear heels to the shops or to work many times before they start to feel natural.


The above suggestions are a few of many helpful ways for learning to wear high heel shoes on occasions or in every day life. Only through regular wearing of heel shoes will you improve your balance and ability to wear them. There are also many specialist websites that will provide further information for walking in heels.

If you are seeking advice on wearing higher heel shoes (6-7"+) or ballet heels (7"), this information can be found on our links page.


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